The ARDA Coaching Engine changes the remote coaching paradigm

Currently devices report back your steps, heart rate, or distance covered. ARDA is different. It understands terrain, weather, speed, power, recent performance, and much more in order to provide timely, relevant and trustworthy advice, not just numbers.
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Pioneering wearables for training since 1987

Since 1987, Performance Lab has pioneered the use of wearable sensors in the areas of exercise and training. Today, Performance Lab is a developer of proprietary algorithms and software platforms for fitness and health applications.
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Pay attention to performance, not calories

For years I’ve been frustrated at the debate surrounding weight loss. We are working on an optimal experience for getting exercise (especially active walking) to …

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“Performance Lab’s ARDA product suite provides the next generation of intelligence for exercise and activity applications.”

Deepak Natarajan, Investment Director, Intel Capital

Tips for the Peachtree Road Race

So you’re already a pretty good runner, but you want to get a personal best for the upcoming Peachtree Road Race. With 60,000 people racing …

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The real wearable revolution in healthcare

Introduction: Why all these heart icons on my phone? It seems like Silicon Valley isn’t content with its push into the automotive industry, and now …

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The ‘Intelligence’ Revolution

For the thousand-odd years that physiology has been studied, measurement techniques have lagged behind our ability to analyse the results. we have always had theories, but lacked ways to test them.

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